Car renting

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1. You must be over 18 and have a valid driving licence. 
2. You must have the needed documents: identity card, your address and a valid driving licence
3. The cars are clean and the tanks are full of petrol when handed over and should be brought back like this.. 
4. The cars are handed over and taken over after we have agreed on a date and time in advanced on the phone. 
5. The minimal renting period is: 24 hours. 
6. The renter must pay a deposit; he or she gets back the whole amount after the renting has finished. 
7. The cars have hull insurance with 100000FT retention. The renter agrees to pay 100000Ft.retention to the leaser he or she causes an accident. The renter has to pay compensation if he or she causes damage deliberately or by breaking the contract. 
8. The cars have all the official documents needed to be used in public traffic.

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