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1. What is the shortest period I can rent a car for? 
1 day, in other words 24 hours. (If you rent a car for a longer period then a 25% discount is possible.) 

2. What does the renting price include?

The prices are without a kilometre limit, they include the compulsory services and any other services which may occur and the insurance. 

3. What kind of insurance is included in the price?  
The cars have hull insurance with 100000FT retention

4. Is the insurance valid abroad?

5. May I take the rented car abroad? 
Yes, except the countries of the Russian Federation. 

6. What happens when an accident occurs? 
A non-site police examination is needed for accidents caused by the renter and also if caused by someone else, inland and abroad, also. 

7.  What number can I call for technical help? 
If you have a technical problem call +36-30-33-43-270 or +36-30-648-6467 for help, or you may call the green phone number on the car.

8. What do you have to pay attention to when taking over the car?    
The tanks are full of petrol when handed over and should be brought back with a full tank. 

9. What are the advantages of renting for a long period? 
There aren’t any accessory costs (for exp. Insurance, weight tax, etc.) and there is no amortization. The tax can be claimed back. If the car breaks down we can give you another one and we do all the paper work. If you rent a car for a longer period then a 30% discount is possible.

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